Directions to Chess at Trent

If your child is enrolled in Kids Chess at Trent, or you are a member of the Peterborough Chess Club interested in playing chess at Trent on Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm, then you may find these directions useful.  I will assume you are travelling to Trent from downtown Peterborough:

  1. Head north on Water Street.
  2. Turn right on Nassau Mills Road (just after you pass the Tim Hortons and Ultramar)
  3. Take an immediate left onto West Bank Drive (leading into Trent’s Symons campus)
  4. After you pass the athletics field, turn left onto the road that leads to Lady Eaton College (this road is just after the little parking lot for the Trent Day Care Centre).
  5.  You can park FREE in the Lady Eaton College lot on Saturdays.
  6. There will be signs posted that will lead you from the parking lot to the chess rooms.

If you are taking a bus to Trent, you can take either the 1 George St North bus or the Trent Express West Bank bus.  Both of these will drop you off at Bata Library, which is directly across the street (i.e. West Bank Drive) from Lady Eaton College.  If you walk to the Lady Eaton parking lot, you will find signs to lead you to the chess rooms.


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