Here are some chess-related links that may interest you:

Chess Federation of Canada
(The CFC is the official governing body of competitive chess in Canada.  You will find a complete list of Canadian chess clubs, chess tournaments, chess ratings, activities for kids, and much more at the CFC website.)
(There are many sites that allow a person to play chess online, but allows you to do much more.  There are lessons, videos, tactics puzzles, visualization exercises, a chess computer that will analyze your games and find weaknesses, an opening trainer, chess news, articles written by experts, discussion forums, etc.  The site works best on a desktop, but the mobile app is very slick, too.)
(Many members of the Peterborough Chess Club prefer to play at lichess rather than at  This site also offers a wide range of tools to help you play and to improve your chess game, and it is also aesthetically pleasing as a mobile app.)

Jeremy Silman
(One of the most popular chess teachers in the English-speaking world at the moment is International Master, Jeremy Silman.  His webpage offers the largest collection of chess book reviews on the web.  So if you prefer to study chess with a book in hand, this website is a good place to start to navigate the vast universe of chess literature.)